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Hey everybody!

Newgrounds has fostered incredible works and has vowed to create and secure a place online for anyone with a dream to show their talent to the world. This is an amazing place for aspiring creatives.

As the founder of an indie game focused website and podcast, I've taken the values here to heart and carried it with me. One step we've taken as a group is creating a completely free and digital indie game convention called Indie Revolution Expo. Being free and digital means that anyone with internet access will be able to attend and participate, no matter their situation. This was very important to us when establishing the goals of IRX.

I wanted to drop in now and let everyone know that right now, registration is currently open for another week to get your games exhibted and/or to run your own panel during the event! My hope is that as many of you from the NG community will attend as this is one of my personal favorite places online and a place that has inspired me to do all the things I do now in the creative world.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your submissions! Please let me know if you have any questions!



Indie Revolution Expo!

2015-07-11 16:57:23 by JaShinYa


Dropping a line to tell you about the 100% digital convention called Indie Revolution Expo! I wanted to let any game devs and/or lovers of indie games know about it. We're expecting a large turn out and the best part is you can attend, exhibit a game or present a panel without having to leave your home or even having to put on pants!

Hope to see you all at #IRX15! Please do what you can to spread the word to any friends who may be into indie games. The more people, the more support to the awesome indie devs showing off their work!


Pico Day 2015 Recap!

2015-04-26 14:14:25 by JaShinYa

I had an amazing time at Pico Day 2015! It was great talking with @TomFulp again and congrats for 20 years of Newgrounds! Thanks for the awesome shindig!

I had the chance to talk with some really cool people, many of whom I have been watching on NG for years, like:



























I am 100% sure I am leaving people off the list and if that's you, I'm sorry! Trust me when I say I remember you, just not your actual username... also I'm an idiot. There were a bunch of you I talked to very briefly, but didn't have the chance to have an actual convo with ( @almightyhans @oney @ornery @psychogoldfish @psychicpebble @sabtastic @stamper @thepivotsxxd @tomamoto @ukinojoe @zj ) and if that's you, get in touch sometime!

I even got to meet some really talented game devs that I'd love to support on Indie Game Riot as well as voice actors that should totally keep an eye out for the next NG VA Contest!

I hope I have the chance to go again next year! it was a blast! (Also, I'd kill for an office space like that.)

An Interview with Tom Fulp!

2015-02-11 04:07:32 by JaShinYa

Indie Game Riot, recently covered the indie game scene at MAGFest 13 in National Harbor, MD! We met so many amazing devs and got to check out so many awesome games. One of the best moments was being able to finally meet @TomFulp in person, who was kind enough to take time to do an interview with us!

We talked about Newgrounds' affect on not only the indie game community, but a lot of people's lives in general as well as The Behemoth. Tom was a class act. Not sure if you could find a nicer guy!

Speaking of indie game coverage, I will be repping IGR at IndieCade East in New York! I'm hoping to meet even more talented devs and continue to foster the supportive spirit of the indie game community. If you're going to be there and happen to see me (I'll have a press badge and some IGR flair I'm sure), stop me and say hi!

In other news, for those of you who have checked out Indie Game Riot before, we have an updated website with a more functional frontpage and a bit of a newer look. Head there and check out our most recent episode! We also, have set up a Patreon, for any of you who like what we're doing and want to support IGR further. :)

Thanks for checking out IGR! Any feedback is welcome and make sure to check us out all over the web to chat with us and stay up to date. Also, a special thanks to @darqtimmy for contributing hs expertise and experience to our site by writing the "How to Make a Game" series of articles! If you're an aspiring game dev, I definitely suggest checking them out!


I'm the creator and one of the hosts of Indie Game Riot!

Our show supports indie games and their devs of all kinds and we even have a segment dedicated to free games, many of which come right from NG! We love supporting these devs and sites like NG and we'd like to do an even better job of it by improving our show via IndieGoGo. There are a bunch of awesome perks so grab a chance to make the indie game community even more amazing!

An improved show means better ways to promote amazing indie games and more audience for the indie games we decide to feature! This will lay the foundation for our bigger plans that include our "Enable The Evolution" scholarship to help deserving devs who may need extra backing, support to show off their projects at cons or even help supplement their tuition for development school! We also plan on eventually having a curated store where prices are set by devs with an option to give a cut to us and free promotion of the most outstanding games!

Our goal as a whole is to support indie games, devs and the entire indie game community. Every week, we feature 3 games (A fully released game, a game needing support via Steam, crowdfunding or during development, and a free game) along with news and video game musicians, artists, etc...

We've already helped drive traffic to several indie games and have had fans of the show tell us how much they appreciate the fact that we have helped them discover games that they would have otherwise not found. Even though our show has gained early success, we'd like to do so much more.

In case you're wondering what our show is like right now, I'll embedd our most recent episode below.

Thanks for checking us out!



The Indie Game Riot Podcast is show run by lovers of indie games and the community around them. The show's goal is to support the community and the game devs as much as possible while also entertaining and informing the audience.

The show is also looking for indie devs who would like to possibly have their game showcased on an episode as well as video game musicians who would like their music featured as the week's background music.

So basically, for being only 10 episodes in, we're picking up some pretty decent steam and have a very interested audience. We want to help support all of you so don't be shy!

Some other places you can find out more aboutt he show:

​One of our more recent episodes:

In other news, a lot of you all are asking about the next voice acting contest. I'm not too sure when the next one will be. I've got a baby due at the end of this month, working hard on the podcast and my personal Let's Plays, plus other life type things. Not to mention that now that there is no more NG store, that creates a problem of what to give out for prizes. I'll need to talk to Tom about that eventually.

In the meantime, if you need a voice actor for a personal project, I should be able to work some time in for that. Just give me a holler!

Congrats to the VAC 11 Winners!

2013-12-20 17:36:56 by JaShinYa

A congratulations to Newgrounds' 11 Voice Acting Contest winners! PiperAnn, who won 1st place, gets a free session with Kyle Hebert too!

Here are the top four place winners:










Anyone who wants to animate should try to use some of the skits from this contest!


In other news:

I'm currently looking for a person to fill the 3rd seat in my podcast. It's brand new and still in the planning stages, but I'd like to find someone with a passion for indie games ASAP to build chemistry with them and to get their input. 

Some main components of the podcast will be: -Steam greenlight games -early access games -popular indie games -free indie games -indie dev news -interviews -and once the audience is built up, a "mailbag" segment.

I have several years of experience with podcasting and I expect the show to be high quality. If you would like to be a co-host you must have these prerequisites: -Good quality audio -Good quality webcam (podcast will be hosted on Youtube) -The time and dedication to do the show on a weekly basis -Must feel comfortable behind the mic and keeping a conversation going -A passion for indie games!

Please feel free to comment or PM me if you're interested. Send me your skype name (so we can chat and so I can hear your quality) and if you have recordings of yourself (especially audio) feel free to link those to me too.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!



My Let's Play channel is coming along just swell! Coming up on 3 months since I've started uploading consistantly, I'm almost to 100 subs! If you have a few minutes, it would help out a lot if you could take the time to check it out and possibly sub to help me get to that small yet important milestone. :) I'll embedd a video below if you're curious to see how my videos are. Thanks again!



Funny Minecraft Moments

2013-11-09 13:27:55 by JaShinYa

I've finally completed my compilation video of some of my best moments in my Minecraft Let's Play series called "JaShin... Minecraft"! I put a lot of hard work into this video because I want to show new and old viewers that I'm willing to put in the time and energy to keep making entertaining content for all of you. Of course if you want to watch other LP's other than Minecraft, I have plenty of other series on the channel as well! Any support you all can give is GREATLY appreciated. :)

Here's the video: JaShin... Minecraft Funny Moments Mash Up!

Also, I just uploaded a nice little Let's Play of Lakeview Cabin which can be found right here on Newgrounds!

IN OTHER NEWS:There are still 6 days left to submit an entry into the 11th Voice Acting Contest! There's a lot of excitement already with the quality of submissions, not to mention the prize coaching session with Kyle Hebert! Get to recording people!

Funny Minecraft Moments

Voice Acting Contest 11!

2013-10-12 01:59:30 by JaShinYa

The 11th Voice Acting Contest is here!

Check out the super crappy last minute audio announcement I submitted too!

If you're a new voice actor, this is a great way to get your name out there, connect with other voice actors and practice your skills! If you've been doing it for a while, the same still goes for you! There are prizes, including a special prize for 1st place this time around... A free voice over coaching session with Kyle Hebert! Even if you end up not winning, I definitely recommend his coaching sessions for anyone looking to get serious about voice over!

If you have a proven track record, but don't think you'll be joining the actual contest, I'm also looking for up to 4 other judges. The qualifications for judging are in the same thread so just click the link at the top if you're interested!

-I'm currently open for doing voice over so if you have a project you'd like to voice in, listen to my demos and contact me!
-I'm working steadily on my Let's Play channel on Youtube, so check it out and subscribe if you like the videos! I'm hoping we can get the channel grown to the point where we can start some charity events going. I've got lots of ideas for giveaways and what not so support and spread the word as you can. :)
-I'm also currently looking for a few people with the time and willingness to co-host a podcast with me! I've actually got 2 ideas on the mind at the moment, but the one I'm really really excited about has to do with all things indie and under the radar. If you've got the time, the passion and equipment to do a high quality podcast, contact me!

Voice Acting Contest 11!

They are all current Let's Plays on my Youtube channel! :D Check it out and any support given is greatly appreciated. Give me your link and I'll check out yours as well!

Let's Plays: JaShinYaGaming

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